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Welcome to V-Bird Virtual Airline

We're glad you stopped by for a visit!  V-Bird Virtual Airline was founded by a desire to add a new dimension to Flight Simulator. It has grown through passion. V-Bird Virtual Airline is operated by a bunch flight simulator enthusiasts with a lot of passion for our hobby.

We hope you enjoy our website and choose to join our exciting community of flight simulator fanatics from around the world. With us, the virtual pilot has the opportunity to experience one of the most fun Virtual Airlines going!

What can we offer you?  Fun, plain and simple. We do our utmost to not only add a dimension of realism and professionalism but to also bring together, as a community, a group of folks who have a shared passion ... flying.

If you are interested in transporting people or packages, we have a division to suit your needs. We have a number of hubs for each division that will allow you to reach the four corners of the globe. We offer you the freedom to fly using our established routes or to blaze your own trails. This flexibility allows our pilots to get the most out of their flying experience.

Our Pilot Education Centre offers excellent learning oportunities for not only new pilots but those who'd like to expand their knowledge.Our online events have proved to be a great success with our members. The Workshops that we hold allow our members to sharpen their skills.

We continuely create new tours for our members to explore the world. Our staff and the V-Bird community at large are always willing to help you get the most out of flying and V-Bird Virtual Airline.

While we do not require our pilots to fly online, we do strongly encourage you to do so. We feel that by flying online is the only way to add realisim to our hobby. You can fly on IVAO, VATSIM and on our own V-Bird Flightserver. As with most things, we do require you to be committed. You will need to make at least one flight a month to remain a current with V-Bird.

What are you waiting for? Join now. We dare you to be different!

See you in the virtual sky!

Cor de Bruin

CEO V-Bird Virtual Airline